Medical Parts Are Widely Used In Chutes

Medical Parts are widely used in chutes
In the coal industry, the use of Medical Parts is very extensive, such as the coal preparation plant in the chill on the demand for Medical Parts to advance the use of life and operating power. In the heavy medium coal preparation machinery operating environment is very poor, the demand for sorting out gangue, coal and other products, and these heavy media are required to pass through the chute to the corresponding processing equipment, but the coal, gangue and other materials hardness and The components are very high, and the material into the mechanical equipment and the method with a strong impact, which is very simple coal preparation plant coal preparation equipment chute damage, and these are almost full of wear and perhaps the impact of the composition, In the coal preparation machinery and equipment problems are very common in the phenomenon of chute leakage, leakage of coal, etc., often approved or replacement of these mechanical parts need to consume a lot of manpower and material resources and financial resources, not only restricts the production of coal washing power, but also added the workers The intensity of the work.
Therefore, looking for a high hardness, impact resistance, wear resistance, anti-chisel liner, will be used in the coal preparation plant chute equipment, which will be forward heavy medium coal preparation system chute the number of longevity Of the extremely useful method. It is a kind of Medical Parts which can be used to enhance the wear and impact resistance. The thickness of the surfacing layer can be adjusted according to the customer's demand, but also the thickness of the surfacing layer can be adjusted according to the customer's requirement. According to the job requirements to adjust the wire formula, but also has plasticity, according to customer supply drawings, bending drilling, etc., better adaptability, higher cost. Now, tin cast produced wear plate is now selling more than 20 provinces, widely used in metallurgy, cement and other heavy wear needs of the protection of equipment, useful to extend the use of equipment life, reducing maintenance costs, The economic benefits of the enterprise.
To sum up the above, we can easily find that a single raw material is often difficult to meet the requirements of a wide range of stress conditions. Through the tin casting technical staff found that the improvement and improvement of anti-wear materials on the basis of the basis of the function, the use of high-strength steel to do the substrate and high wear resistance of high chromium alloy cast iron, the choice of bimetallic composite casting process, to obtain The combination of two kinds of data characteristics of the overall composite Medical Parts, wear-resistant steel plate research should be placed on the combination of super-hard data and high-tolerance data, tin cast surfacing wear plate research is based on this imagination and opened.
Medical Parts in some of our enterprises have now begun to implement the use of. Shanghai Baoshan Iron and Steel Company of the blast furnace blast furnace slag pipe and slag pool selection of composite steel production, the use of more than two years has not been damaged. Shanghai, Shandong two cement machinery factory production of cement production equipment on the use of composite Medical Parts as a liner, the role of good, its exports increased competitiveness. Tianjin second gas plant selection of composite steel plate production coke hopper, the original Q235 steel hopper use life is only a month, composite steel hopper use life is estimated at more than two years. A patented invention of the double-chamber rotary jaw crusher in the key components - broken roller, the original plan to use the overall Medical Parts, because the Medical Parts difficult to eliminate such as shrinkage and other defects and skills such as poor tolerance problems, although resistant Grinding is good, after all, because the acceptance is not a process, a huge kneading stress and damage. And later switch to composite casting Q235 steel plate to do lining, outer casting alloy steel to improve the resistance and hardness of crushing roller. Because the casting process is cluttered and the quality is unstable, most of the crushing rollers do not reach the inner and outer layers, and the composite layer is cast in the course of the application, and the composite casting technology fails to reach the intended application. This skill topic, by my company selected powder coating new technology, that is, Q235 steel plate in the body on the 6mm thick wear-resistant hard layer, the solder layer and the matrix constitutes a strong combination of metallurgy, making the crushing roller is satisfied Resistance and surface hardness, and then deal with the problem of excessive wear of broken crushing, improve the use of crusher life.